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Plasmonic and Hybrid Nanoplatforms for Biomedical Applications

In this presentation, we give an overview on our current approaches in design and fabrication of plasmonic-based and hybrid nanoplatforms and their implementation in a large variety of applications from cell imaging, drug delivery and light-activated nanotherapeutics. For instance, several classes of biopolymer-coated plasmonic nanoparticles were implemented as versatile nanoprobes for spectroscopic investigation of cells by intracellular imaging via surface-enhanced Raman scattering (SERS), localized surface plasmon resonant scattering (LSPR-S) and steady-state and fluorescent lifetime imaging (FLIM). Scanning confocal Raman microscopy combined with dark-field and confocal fluorescence microscopy were used to record relevant intracellular information as nanoparticle localization, local chemical interaction and intracellular pH mapping.  In recent years, our research group has implemented several “proofs of concept” for light-activated nanotherapies against cancer by integration plasmon-induced photothermal therapy (PTT), plasmon-enhanced photodynamic therapy (PE-PDT) and delivery of chemotherapeutic drugs (doxorubicin, cisplatin). Currently, we focus on the development of fluorescent and luminescent near-infrared (NIR) contrast agents for real-time image-guided surgery of ovarian cancer.  

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